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Tests for your baby

Urine test

Urine analysis can identify important micronutrient deficiencies in the diet that play an important role in healthy growth and development. Our urine test focuses on key parameters such as pH, specific gravity, ascorbic acid, calcium, and ketones. These parameters can help identify gaps in nutrient intake that are involved in bone development, metabolism, hydration, and immunity.


Microbiome test

It's crucial for the gut microbiome to be diverse in infants for healthy growth and development. Our microbiome test focuses on microbiome at the genus level that are specific to infants health


All tests kit

Take a deep dive into your little one's healthy growth and development with all three of our tests at once.


DNA test

A small sample of saliva can unlock the genetic sequence of your baby's DNA and give insight into crucial information related to predisposition of your babies nutrition.

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