Your baby is one-of-a-kind. Their health needs are too. Let's work together.

We offer a personalized nutrition subscription box for your baby, based on their real health data.

Why Personalized Nutrition?

A baby's growth & development journey is uniquely their own. That's why at Snapi Health, we believe in an individualized approach to nutrition that supports optimal growth & development. Snapi's tests are designed to look at key indicators that give insight into how your baby may be metabolizing nutrients and allows our registered dietitians to make personalized nutrition recommendations tailored to these results.

How It Works

Raising a healthy baby doesn’t have to take hours of research. We’re here for you.

Tell Us About Your Little One

Take a quiz and unlock our at-home testing kits. We love getting to know your babies!

Get Personalized Snapis

Receive your baby’s personalized nutrition Snapi based on real data collected through our kits. Backed by science and delivered by registered dietitians.

Keep Track and Learn with Experts

Dive deeper into your little one's progress and development with continued testing and Snapis so you never miss a needed nutritional update.

Getting to Know Your Baby

Our dietitians need to know your little one’s age, growth goals, allergies, and more to provide the best and most personalized nutrition recommendations.

Personalized Nutrition Recommendations

Thanks to all the information you provide, our registered dietitians pick recommended foods, supplements, and quantities from a database of over 10,000 foods to meet your little one’s specific goals and navigate their allergies. Meet your Snapi.

Continued Support. Always.

Your little one's nutrition needs will change over time, especially if you're following your personalized Snapis. Continue using our at-home test kits and work with our registered dietitians to ensure your baby is on the path to a life of great health.

Your journey with Snapi


~0-6 month

Babies are consuming breastmilk, infant formula, or a combination of the two. Your baby may require a supplement of iron or vitamin D depending on their diet.

Starting Solids

~6-12 Month

Your baby will begin eating solids. Whether you decide to introduce solids as purees or via baby led weaning, the foods you choose will offer a variety of micronutrients needed for healthy growth and development.

Plated Food

~12-24 Month

Your baby will be exposed to even more new foods- that means new flavors, textures, and more nutrients. Offering your baby a well-balanced diet at this stage is important.

Full Spectrum

~24 Month +

They walk, they run, they eat, if they feel like it! Your toddler is excited about life and making sure he/she gets adequate nutritional intake is key for continued growth and development.
We wouldn't trust just any advice for our babies, and neither should you! Our clinical team makes it a priority to stay up-to-date on the latest pediatric guidelines and best practices, in order to provide high quality, evidence-based recommendations to help your little one thrive



Cutting Edge












Tests for your baby

Urine test

Urine analysis can identify important micronutrient deficiencies in the diet that play an important role in healthy growth and development. Our urine test focuses on key parameters such as pH, specific gravity, ascorbic acid, calcium, and ketones. These parameters can help identify gaps in nutrient intake that are involved in bone development, metabolism, hydration, and immunity.


Microbiome test

It's crucial for the gut microbiome to be diverse in infants for healthy growth and development. Our microbiome test focuses on microbiome at the genus level that are specific to infants health


All tests kit

Take a deep dive into your little one's healthy growth and development with all three of our tests at once.


DNA test

A small sample of saliva can unlock the genetic sequence of your baby's DNA and give insight into crucial information related to predisposition of your babies nutrition.

Team Spotlight

Real registered dietitians. Real personalized recommendations. Have a question, need support, or want to celebrate a win? They’re a text away!

Sydnie Gil

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Masters of Science in Nutrition Science

Dana Schechner

Lead Registered Dietitian
and and Certified Lactation Consultant

Allisyn Berg

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a special interest in pediatrics

Sydnie Gil

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Masters of Science in Nutrition Science

Dana Schechner

Lead Registered Dietitian
and and Certified Lactation Consultant

Snapi's Team Comes From Trusted Institutions

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