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our team comes from :
Oregon University
Boston Hospital
Harvard University
New York presbyterian

Snapi is for you if your baby is 0-5 years old* and you:

* You can still do the Snapi test for your baby even if they are over 5 years old. The age of 0-5 is recommended, but not required.

Proactive Parenting

You're looking for transparency into your baby's health, starting with the gut.

Eczema? Constipation? Allergies?

You're ready to get to the root cause of your baby's gut health concerns.

C-section, Formula, Antibiotics

Your baby's exposures to certain circumstances have an impact on the composition of their gut.


Your diet is crucial to support your baby's gut health, as bacteria can be transferred through breast milk.

Your baby's gut microbiome is the foundation of a healthy immune system. Optimize your baby's health for life.

Unlock the Power of Snapi

Easy-to-use test kit designed for children

Detailed Lab results

Evidence-based recommendations

1-1 dietitian support

9 out of 10 infants may be missing crucial gut bacteria

Tracking the gut microbiome during the first three years can help prevent the development of common health conditions and get to the root cause of existing concerns. With access to microbiome testing, we have the power to create healthy futures for our children.

how it works

Four simple steps


Purchase test

Start your journey to better health by purchasing the test on our website. Once purchased, you’ll receive instructions on how to log in to your personal account, test kit instructions, and a short questionnaire to help us personalize the recommendations or your baby.


Swab and send

Following a few simple steps in our instructions, collect your baby’s stool sample and send it to our lab in your prepaid envelope.


Recieve quick results

Our lab will analyze your baby’s sample within 2-4 weeks. We will notify you when your results are ready and accessible through your personal account.


Discover, Improve, Repeat

Educate yourself on your baby’s gut microbiome and follow our clinical dietitians’ personalized recommendations. Testing every 3 months has been shown to improve overall gut health.

How will you use this information?


Snapi’s pediatricians, dietitians, and lactation specialist provide education and support from start to finish through personalized recommendations and 24/7 chat support. Snapi’s recommendations are loaded with interesting, easy-to-use recipes, as well as expert-approved probiotic supplements.


The results of your baby’s gut microbiome test include a detailed list of bacteria detected in your baby’s gut, in-depth descriptions of each bacteria, and associations related to common health conditions.


The key to a healthy microbiome is monitoring. That’s why Snapi has developed new and innovative tools, such as easy-to-read graphs that guide you through the development of your baby's microbiome.

We think you’ll love Snapi, if not, it’s on us!

We're here to provide you with a seamless and accessible way to support your baby's gut health. If you aren't satisfied with your experience, let us know within 60 days of receiving your test results for a full refund!

Single test — $129

Single Test is the most convenient way to take a snapshot of your baby's gut health.
Interested in monitoring your baby's gut and health conditions more frequently? Try our subscription plan.

Snapi Subscription plan — $99every test

1 test every 3 months
Detailed reports that compare previous tests to new results
Skip or cancel anytime

Testimonials that speak for themselves

Great product

We really liked this service. I am even getting to do a free 15 minute consultation about the results in a few days! Can’t wait to talk and learn more about how to help my child.

Francesca H.

Easy of Use
Report Insight

Highly recommend everyone try this!

The process was so quick and easy. We received our results so quickly, too! We love the way the report detailed the different types of bacteria, what their purpose was and how to increase/decrease certain bacteria. The report was so easy to read. In addition, we had a virtual call with a Registered Dietician from Snapi, Dana, who explained the results in further detail. She was so knowledgeable and explained everything to the dot! We can’t wait to see the progress in the report in the next coming months. I highly recommend everyone try this as it is so quick, easy to read, and a necessity in furthering a healthy lifestyle for your children!


Easy of Use
Report Insight


So easy to use and so helpful with results!!! Loved the information they gave back with the results.

Lauren E.

Easy of Use
Report Insight

Happy with the results but not the site

I’ve been having issues trying to log in to see my report. Sometimes I can get in, sometimes I can’t. The site is also not printer friendly so I had to screenshot everything to send my husband. Happy with the results and the recommendations. Hope to have improvements on the next result!

Jennifer K.

Easy of Use
Report Insight

Great info

We loved all the information! It Ave great feedback on how to fix certain areas of our girls gut. As well as products that would best serve her.

Rachelle M.

Easy of Use
Report Insight

Gut health is so important!

I love the ability to on my own test my babies gut health. The report was thorough and now I know exactly what to do to keep my little one in great health!

Brandie D.

Easy of Use
Report Insight

Microbiome test

Easy to use! Results came back in a timely fashion, and the explanation/recommendations were easy to understand. Unfortunately our results also came back 38% "other" so there wasn"t any explanation for that. Other than that it was great!

Emily B.

Easy of Use
Report Insight

Easy and fast

The test kit was very easy to use and the result took about 2 weeks.

Tiffany J.

Easy of Use
Report Insight

Interested in learning more?

What is included in a Snapi Health test kit?
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Stool collection kit including test tube and tools
  • Pre-paid return envelope
Will my baby’s gut microbiome change?
The gut microbiome evolves throughout our lives, starting on day one! This means that the amount of bacteria changes each day through exposure, such as environmental factors or the introduction of foods to infants and breastfeeding toddlers.
The first three years of a baby's microbiome are fundamental for the future of their health. Understanding this progression throughout the various phases of infancy is crucial for understanding your baby’s gut health.
To learn more, check out our science page!
What is the gut microbiome?
The human microbiome is defined as the genetic material of all microbiota that live on and inside the body. The vast majority of microbiota reside in the gut, mainly in the large intestine. Our microbiome helps us digest and metabolize food, regulates and maintains our immune system, synthesizes important vitamins in our body, and protects us against pathogens.
To learn more, check out our science page!
Who can take Snapi’s gut microbiome test?
Snapi's test is for all children, from birth to five years old.
What is Snapi Health’s mission?
We're more than just a microbiome test company! Snapi Health is a dedicated group of scientists, dietitians, engineers, designers, and parents on a mission to empower through knowledge.
Though it may seem like everyone around you is suddenly talking about gut health, microbiome research dates back to the 1680s! It wasn't until the early 2000s that this research was considered a breakthrough. We now know that microbiome is key to healthy growth and development for infants and toddlers, and we’re here to spread the word.
Snapi uses cutting-edge technology to uncover real insights into your baby’s gut microbiome with an at-home, easy-to-use microbiome test kit.