How to use

Save a dirty diaper or soiled toilet paper sheet from your child for stool collection.
Using the test kit, open the test tube and, using the swab, evenly smear a pea-sized sample onto the swab.
Heads up! Collecting too much poop may affect the results of the analysis. Make sure to collect the amount indicated in the photo. Save the test kit box to return your sample!
After collection, tightly close the cap of the test tube. If you haven't yet activated your test, do this now using your test tube ID.
Add your parent’s name on tube
Login or register
Click ‘Add new test’
Enter your Test Kit ID (ex. SNP-12345). This can be found on the test tube
Follow the instructions to complete our short questionnaire
Place the test tube back into the test kit box and mail the sample back to us in the pre-paid envelope provided. Allow 2-4 weeks for our lab to process results.